Forest Trek & Bird Watching tours take you out to Coiba Island (Isla Coiba), which is a preserved natural sanctuary and national park protected by UNESCO.  Coiba Island was once a government prison, surrounded by sharks, so the prisoners could not escape.  Since a few years ago, the prison camp was closed, and now the island only has a few park rangers to protect the incredible wild life.

Day trips are available, as well as overnight camping trips. Expect to see all sorts of tropical wild life including sharks, crocs, cayman, turtles, sloths, monkeys, iguanas, snakes, all the birds you can imagine, and much more.

The Forest Trek and Bird Watching tour to Isla Coiba is not for the faint of heart and requires a person who is in good health and fit to walk / hike in a tropical climate.

Santa Catalina also offers some amazing hiking trails that are just minutes from Hotel Santa Catalina, as well as hiking around Santa Catalina island located out front of Hotel Santa Catalina.

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