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Route to Playa Estero,
Playa Santa Catalina,
Soná District, Veraguas Province,


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Driving Directions to Santa Catalina
from Panama City

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1. Take the Pan-American Highway West, up the Pacific coastline towards Costa Rica.

2. When you get to the town of Santiago (3 hours from Panama City), you have two options:

Option 1 – Central Avenue Route: take a left at the gas station, directly across the street from the DQ (Dairy Queen) Restaurant, which will put you on the Avenida Central (Central Avenue). Follow Central Avenue about a kilometer, past all the shops and banks, then you will come to a Cathedral (Church) with a square plaza (park) on the right and the Caja de Ahorros Bank on the left – follow the road directly to the left side of the Cathedral, go straight through the first stop sign / intersection, then the road comes to a “T”, take a right at the “T”, go about 100 meters and over the speed bumps, and take a left onto the main road that will lead you out of the town of Santiago, and into the town of Sona (45 minutes).

Option 2 – La Pena Route: proceed past the DQ (Dairy Queen), McDonalds, and KFC restaurants on the main PanAmerican highway, past the overpass, and past the La Hacienda Hotel & Casino, then about 5 minutes later you will see the entrance to “La Pena” neighborhood, take the second entrance to La Pena on the left where you will see a billboard sign of Hotel Santa Catalina. Follow the La Pena road past the police station, over the speed bumps, and the road will come to a “Y” where you will see another billboard sign of Hotel Santa Catalina, take a right there, which will put you onto the road to the town of Sona (35 minutes).

3. When you are about to enter the town of Sona, you will pass a long bridge over a wide river, and then about 1 km later you will see a gas station on your left and you will see many signs, one of which is the sign of Hotel Santa Catalina – take a left there at that gas station, which will put you on the road towards Santa Catalina (45 minute drive). If you go into the town of Sona, you have gone too far.

4. About 25 minutes after the Sona turn-off, you will pass the town of Guarumal, and then about 10 minutes later you will go past the new MINSA-CAPSI Hospital and about 500 meters later you will reach the turn-off on your left that puts you on the road to Santa Catalina. You will see signs pointing to Santa Catalina, and you will see the Hotel Santa Catalina sign there too.

5. You will pass the small town of Farfan, then you will come to the small town of Lagartero, and then the small town of Hicaco where the road will curve to the right at the police station, and within about 5 minutes you will reach the small village of Santa Catalina.

Once you reach the village / town of Santa Catalina, the directions to get to Hotel Santa Catalina, are the following:

1. When you get to Santa Catalina village, you will pass the La Buena Vida restaurant on the left and the public school on your right (speed bumps) and then you should turn left at the general convenience store on the corner, that will take you on an uphill asphalt road that takes you towards Playa Estero.

2. Pass the dirt road entrance on the right (that is the road to Jammin Pizzeria), over the speed bumps, then the road will bend hard to the right, then just past Los Pibes Restaurant and Cabanas Shirley on the right, you will see the entrance to Hotel Santa Catalina on your right. If the entrance gate is closed (it is only closed at night after 10 pm), just honk your horn and the night manager will open the gate for you.


Mobile – Hotel Santa Catalina Administrator: ++(507) 6571-4387