Isla Coiba Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Tours

Scuba Diving Tours in Santa Catalina take you to Coiba Island Panama (Isla Coiba Panama), where you will see an incredible variety of underwater sea life.  Coiba Island, once a prison camp operated by the Panamanian government, is now a national park and a natural sanctuary protected by UNESCO.

Coiba Island boasts the widest variety of coral species, and you will be amazed by the impressive schools of fish, turtles, squid, eels, sharks, dolphin, whales, and much more.  Day trips are available as well as overnight trips for either scuba tours to Coiba, or snorkeling tours to Coiba and surrounding islands.

Tours to Coiba Island depart from Santa Catalina at 8:00 am and return by 4:00 pm. Be sure to book your tour through Hotel Santa Catalina’s concierge service, as we only work with the most professional tour operators with the best maintained boats & equipment, and strict safety practices. Please contact us for further details and for special arrangements on Coiba scuba diving tours and snorkeling tours.